Project BTC – a Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation challenge

Project  12WBTC is about getting my body back and getting confidence in myself to finally achieve my health and weight loss ambitions.

Project 12WBTC is all about putting negative self doubt, lack of motivation and complete and utter disregard for my health and wellness out the window and journey towards new positive thought patterns, motivation and health and wellness. It is about getting my groove back and being at a place that is both healthy and achievable.

Since my running injury and slowly falling into a pit  that’s been hard to pull myself out of, with a weight gain of 9.2kgs the result has been unhappiness, loss of fitness and weight gain. I want to start running again, I want to lose the weight I have gained and I want to be healthy mentally, spiritually and physically.

Project 12WBTC will lead me through 12 weeks of motivation and  challenges to ensure I achieve my goals.

Talking about goal. I am writting this commitment contract to achieve cms and weight loss:

Weight I want to strive towards is 60kgs  that is a 10.9kgs loss to achieve this goal an average loss of 8.3 grams/week.

Cm’s I want to strive towards are:

  •  Bust 84cms,
  • Waist 70cms,
  • Hips 90cms,
  • Upper Arm 23cms
  • Upper Thigh 5o cms.

This challenge will commence Monday June 21 2010.

The challenge will end Saturday September 12  2010.

Action Plan:

1) Exercise

2) Good Eats

3) Weigh and Measure

Action plan 1 – Exercise: I will do –

  •  3 weight training sessions a week,
  •  2 HIIT sessions a week,
  • 5 Gym sessions a week; and
  • Following Michelle Bridges 12 week plan

Action Plan 2 – Good Eats – I will focus on eating the following food groups

  • Good lean protein,
  • Lots of vegetables,
  • Fruits,
  • Good carbs (beans, spelt & wholegrain breads, sweet potato)
  • Good fats (avocado, olive oil, almond oil, nuts and seeds)
  • Low fat dairy products.

I will record my food intake in a food journal and count calories and fat for this 12 timeframe just so I can keep a track on how much food I am eating. I am not going to get bogged down with numbers and if something is nutritionally sound and balance (that I make myself) I will not stress about the numbers behind the dish.

Action Plan 3 – Weigh and Measure – I will do the following:

  • Weigh myself each commencing week (Wednesday)
  • Measure myself weekly (Wednesday)
  • Take a photo as a visual gauge Start of Project 12 WBTC, Week 4 of Project 12 WBTC , Week 8 of Project 12W BTC and end of challenge (week 12).

Commencment weight and measurements:

  • Weight – 70.9 (to lose 10kgs)
  • Body fat – 28.6%
  • Bust – 98cm (to lose 14cms)
  • Waist – 80cm (to lose 3 cms)
  • Hips – 96cm (to lose 6cms)
  • Upper Arm – 35cm (to lose 10 cms)
  • Upper Thigh – 61cm (to lose 11 cms)

Every Wednesday  I will come back and update these states and give feedback as to how I’m going.