Welcome to my blog. I’ve created this site, as a place for me to express myself by blogging my thoughts and to record my journey to the road of better health and happiness. I will write about anything and everything, especially focusing on achieving a better wellbeing. I will follow the winding road that I’m sure to take to achieve better health. This site will follow my ups and my downs to find the inner peace I seek within myself – to be happy and satisfied with my body and content in life.

Most of all, the journey to health chronicles the adventures I seek to discover in all life has to offer! Primarily focusing on: weight loss, self discovery, life fulfilments, body acceptance, food and fitness. The Journey To Health tracks the journey I will embark on to find health and happiness.   

The little things that make me, ME!

Well what can I say? My name is Jennifer. I’m a 27 year old Risk Manager, wife, mother to a crazy black Labrador, and with a focus on losing weight, improving my health and total wellbeing and getting back into running.

I love to read – mostly romance and chic lit but anything fascinating really,  I love reading health and fitness magazine (i.e. Woman’s Health, Runners World), I love running, trying new activities, cooking, experimenting with recipes and spending time outdoors just enjoying life!!

Recently I’ve discovered the art of blogging (and have been inspired by a couple of wonderful blog ladies) and what better way to get my healthy good intention back in order than to blog my journey and adventures to achieving my ambitions and goals.

My starting point

There is no other way to say this but I’m stuck in a rut. After I injured my foot I stopped exercising and eating healthy nutritious foods. I felt like I was spiralling out of control and going back to the path I once walked. I don’t ever want to go back there. I do not want to lose control of my eating and my weight. Jennifer’s got her groove back and I’m more determined than ever to succeed at all my goals and never live life with regret.

My goal

My goal is to be healthy, have a great well-being, have a healthy relationship with food. To get a healthy balance and lose the weight I have gained as a result of my injury and general bad eating habits. I aim to travel and enjoy as many adventures as I can!! Because I am BOND Girl (hehehe) and after all Bond Girls are sexy, strong and powerful.

I welcome you to follow with me in my journey to self discovery, fulfilness and achievements in goals I set for myself.