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It has been a while…well two months since I’ve logged on and updated my profile on how its going and how I’ve been. To be honest I’ve been soooo busy with work, study and speending quality time with the hubby and hitting the gym that I really haven’t had much time to think obsess about my weight. And that means that yes I let Project BTC slide down to obscurity…but not forgotten. I needed something to motivate me and what better way than enter a group challenge!!

Stage left – enter Michelle Bridge’s 12 week body transformation challenge that begins tomorrow on the 21st of June.  So begins my 12 week challenge to lose 10kgs, run a half marathon in October and to fit back into my Sass and Bide size eight jeans. I know I’ve said this all before but that was just the stepping stone to getting me to where I needed to be mentally! The time to get serious is now!!

I will pop back in tomorrow to give a more detailed description of the plan so watch this space 🙂



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