Wow, no excuses coming from me today. Here I write my all honest truth that I did let things get to a stage where I just didn’t care. Didn’t care to eat heathy, to exercise or take pride in my self and my appearance. I let it all spiral out of control and I have avoided writing about it (in turn being honest to myself). SO here I am today – I write to me, to you, that I am no longer going to ignore that fact that I have become fat and have ignored my health. True to form (a Capricorn girl here) I have set an action plan in place to get me to where I need to be to start living the healthy way I intend and love.

My action plan is a 12 week body transformation challenge – Project BTC. I am going to focus on eating right, exercising and losing weight. I’m sick and tired of being so critical of my body, of not fiting into my clothes and hating what I see in the mirror and photos. Only I can do anything about it so I’m bloody well doing something about it!