Well, statistics say that only one third of people who make new year’s resolutions succeed at achieving their resolution. I want to be (and I will be) one of those (1/3rd people) who will succeed with my new years resolution. I guess the key to sticking with it is to make the goals achievable and realistic and to also break then up. Honestly, this is the one element I’ve failed to understand in previous years, how can I honestly expect to achieve any of my goals without having and defined objectives, breakdowns, timelines in place?

People – it’s time to get serious!! To kick some serious butt!!!

I have weight loss goals, fitness goals, cooking goals, photography goals, travel and financial goals (do you think I have to many goals? I don’t think so after all this is a whole year list of goals I want to tackle and achieve, like a list I need to work through and cross out once I achieve that goal)

My 2010 Goal List

Weight Loss Goals

  1. Lose 10% body fat to bring me to my ideal body shape, weight.
  2. Lose body fat, tone muscles 

Fitness Goals

  1. Do exercise every morning for at least 60 minutes
  2. Do the Jullian Micheals – 30 Day Shred exercise dvd for the month of January 2010
  3. Get my right foot healed in order to be able to run 10ks again (working with a running specialist to achieve this)
  4. Run in the In Training Twigh Light 10k running festival in march
  5. Train towards  running a half marathon in
  6. Build and tone my body
  7. Join a boot camp
  8. Join a hockey team
  9. Enjoy exercising

Cooking Goals

  1. Learn to cook lots of vegeterian and vegan healthy recipes
  2. Learn to cook my favourite foods in a healthier way
  3. Cook nutritious healthy foods with high protein, fiber value and good carbs and fats
  4. Work on emotional and binge eating episodes (specially around times of stress)
  5. Work on learning to eat only to fuel the body not for any other reason – i.e. boredom, stress, anger or because “it’s time to eat”
  6. Learn proper portion sizes – don’t eat the same amount that Paul eat’s – after all you are not a man!! Eat for what you need only.

Photography Goals

  1. Buy a good everywhere/everyday pocket camera (preferably in pink )
  2. Buy a good SLR
  3. Take a photography course
  4. Take lots of pictures of my beauty and my fur baby, friends
  5. Photograph and upload foods I eat on a daily basis
  6. Take lots of progress pics

Financial Goals

  1. After wedding is over in January  do a Spreadsheet with Paul to determine incomings and outgoings
  2. Live of my pay for food and fun and Paul’s pay to pay for all bills
  3. Save money for Bourdiour Shoot in April
  4. Save money for a weekend get away to Cairns to celebrate achieving my ultimate weight loss goal
  5. Pay off debts – make in grounds
  6. Save money for a home deposite

Travel Goals

  1.  Travel to New South Wales, Hunter Valley for a weekend getaway in March
  2. In April travel to Cairns, Queensland Australia to celebrate my success at achieving my ultimate weight loss goal of 56kgs
  3. Travel to USA in January 2011
  4. During the year take road trips to rainforest, country towns, wineries and hiking trips (and take lots of photos)